As CEO of Integri-Staff, Ms. James leads the company in client acquisitions and services. Ms. James began her career in IT and Engineering Contract Recruitment over 10 years ago. She brings a dedicated focus to building strong partnerships between Integri-Staff and its client companies, which include some of the most exciting technology firms in the Silicon Valley.

Prior to joining Integri-Staff, Ms. James developed and executed strategies to drive top-line sales and profit increases and played an instrumental role in her employers' success by consistently delivering revenue growth.

Ms. James' business philosophy is based on the principle that there is an underlying business problem driving each client's need to acquire contract and/or full time regular staff. Her attention to each client's unique business issue is what sets her apart.

Ms. James earned her Bachelor of Science Degree in Accounting from Northern Arizona University. In addition to her work activities, Ms. James stays very active in giving back to the community through volunteer work.

John is a recruiting professional who enjoys serving his clients by striving to understand their needs and create win-win situations.

Before joining Integri-Staff, John worked in the financial field helping people make wise investing choices.

To relax, John loves spending time with his family, eating his wife's amazing cooking, and playing guitar.
We partner with early stage start-ups or established companies in meeting their Talent Management and Staffing strategies.

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