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Mission: Abundant Life Care Ministries, founded in 2001, grew out of the need to find help for the ever-increasing number of unwanted or improperly cared for Children in India. Abundant Life Care Ministries is comprised mainly of volunteers that assist in reaching, training, rescuing and the placement of unwanted or improperly cared for Children throughout South India and Asia. Abundant Life Care Ministries participates in training workers to reach out to these poor children in the slum and villages of India. Additionally, a great deal of ALC's efforts is directed at educating the public and the church at large about the needs of these poor neglected Kids and the difficulties of living in below poverty situations! ALC's goal is to rescue these children from the effects of poverty and to educate their families, the church and the community people, causing the cycle to end!

Integri-Staff's Girls

Four of the first girls to be placed in the Children’s Home were, Mounika, Banusri, Anusri & Prathyusha all four are sisters. The girl’s parents worked hard as daily wage labors. Sadly…three years ago, because of bad health problems the girl’s mother died from T.B. disease. After this tragic experience…the father was working very hard to raise these four girls by himself on a daily bases, when in the hot sun of the Indian summer of 2008, his body over heated and he was attacked by sunstroke & died. This left the four sisters with no parents! Their family was very poor! They used to eat only one single meal per day. They had no clothes to wear. After the death of their parents, they started to live with their mother’s sister. They stayed at this unties house, but had no hope to live! The auntie did not have sufficient food to feed the four girls, so they brought all four sisters to the ALC Children’s Home.

We partner with early stage start-ups or established companies in meeting their Talent Management and Staffing strategies.

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