People can and should be a companyís #1 Asset. Integri-Staff helps to insure the investment our clients make in talent will result in the best possible outcome. A bad hire, depending on the level of the role, will cost a company at least 3 times the annual salary! By partnering with our clients, we help to mitigate the risk of this unnecessary cost.

Benchmarking the Role: Benchmarking provides optimum results in defining roles, and improves the recruiting and selection process of talent. This allows for a reference to compare talent based on: the behavior and culture of the company and team, and functional/task level needs. We do this by interfacing with key performers and leadership within the team and/or company. Benchmarking provides optimum improvement opportunities when roles to be benchmarked are defined, so that a reference for a comparison of performance is understood. The evaluation of the organizationís management and key performers allows recruiting and selection to go beyond the functional needs of the role. This will help to insure the success of the investment made in recruiting and selection activities.

Selection Services: Integri-Staff can assist in the Selection process of Talent. We can partner in this process alongside your internal Management, HR and Recruiting or outside recruiting firms, even if Integri-Staff is not being used for our Staffing and Recruiting Services.

Behavior Based Assessment Services: Integri-Staff offers a suite of Assessment products to help insure talent matches the behavior and cultural values of the company/team.

Succession Planning: Succession Planning involves reviewing and assessing top executives and those in the next lower level to identify the next generation of leadership. This is important because it often takes grooming to develop effective senior managers. There is a critical shortage in middle and top leaders for the next five years. Organizations will need to identify and create pools of candidates with high leadership potential.

Full-Time Recruiting: We can help recruit for your Full time positions. We specialize in both Management and Individual Contributor positions.

Contract To Hire: Often times companies prefer to bring in contract/contingent talent to determine the right fit while assisting in specific, critical tasks.

Contingent/ Temporary Staffing: Depending on the business and/or project need, it is often times the best solution for a company to bring in talent to complete a very specific task, to help insure projects are completed on time, on spec and on budget!

We partner with early stage start-ups or established companies in meeting their Talent Management and Staffing strategies.

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